Citation Ranker Cancellations

Citation Ranker customers may cancel their orders subject to certain guidelines and restrictions. For the purposes of this document, the term ‘cancellation’ refers to the process by which an order is canceled. In the event of an approved cancelation, the customer will not be billed for the similarities and differences product or service, and is not liable for any further payment. Cancelation of any order will not result in a refund of any sort.

Cancelation requirements

Cancellations are subject to the approval of our personnel. In order to be approved for cancelation, customers will have to submit an email request with a Google map link to their location within 48 hours after placing their order. After 48 hours, no requests for cancellations will be honored.

We are fully committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and a pleasant experience overall. However, we maintain strict guidelines with regard to cancelations due to the implications that such requests will have on the processes and procedures already carried out. Turning off all citations and links will also have a number of long-term implications with regard to Google listings, which is why we encourage customers to consider their orders thoroughly in order to minimize the need for cancelations.

Abuse of the cancellation policy

Any customer who is deemed by Citation Ranker to be abusing the company cancelation policy may be blocked from making further purchases.

This cancellation policy is part of, and incorporated within, the our client contract. Continuing to use Citation Ranker’s products and/or services requires a thorough understanding of this cancellation policy. If you disagree with this cancellation policy in whole or in part, you will have to cease use of the Citation Ranker services and close your account. Please note that any transactions that have taken place before the closure of your account will continue to be subject to the terms outlined in this cancellation policy.


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