FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1: Do you offer other services than Just Local Map Optimization? Yes, however our goal is to be a full service provider of Local results and we know that even though you may need a new site, PPC, social medial and even organic SEO services we also know that you need to earn our trust, so we offer the one service that gets the best results short term and long term and it not determined by how well your site looks or is coded :).

FAQ #2: How many people actually use local search and maps? Local search and map use make up over 20% of internet search worldwide. Google alone has over 2.8 billion searches each month. We home in on our clients strengths and put that information out front for searchers.

FAQ #3: Does all the hype for buying local actually work? Local products are widely popular with some people paying more, just to cater to a small business. Around 97% of people living in a community will use Yelp, Google, or Bing maps in order to find a local product or service provider. We use our expertise with those tools to get our clients the hits to stay on top of search pages.

FAQ #4: Is local search popular with mobile device users? Around 50% of mobile web surfers on Google maps, seek out local products or services. We make sure our clients have a mobile friendly presentation.

FAQ #5: Do people really believe Yelp reviews? Those who treat their customers well will find reviews do truly matter. Around 90% of internet users will trust people they know to review a product or service honestly. The review will affect their decision to use the company.

FAQ #6: How many people actually search for information about their community? According to Google’s records, over 30% of their users search for community business information and entertainment. We use our proficiency with SEO to keep our clients at the top of the search engine page.

FAQ #7: Out of the local searches done, how many look for offline companies? Quite a few. Over 70% of users will seek an offline business online.

FAQ #8: Across the United States, how many consumers will use a local company they find online? Those who seek out community businesses will use that business 66% of the time nationwide. We put our customers in the 66%.

FAQ #9: How quickly do consumers usually contact the businesses they find on Bing, Google or Yelp maps? Within 24 hours of searching for the business, 80% of customers will make a purchase.

FAQ #10: How important is page content to local SEO and map optimization? 100% important. What the data says about the company is extremely relevant to the search. Making sure the Google map, Bing map and Yelp map are active is of the utmost importance.

FAQ #11: Why is the local map so important? The majority of people searching online for a business to use are looking for convenience and good reviews. Convenience can easily be determined via the map. Make sure Google, Yelp and Bing maps are active and accurate.

FAQ #12: Are business profiles really necessary? Very much so. Our business profile is what will help lead customers to our business. Make sure that key words are utilized in order to draw the local SEO attention needed to become successful. The more listings we create, the more possibilities we have for an increase in business.

FAQ #13: If you use local SEO, how long should you have to wait for results? Results vary depending on the type of business and the amount of listings being utilized. Some see benefits within the first week. Others may wait up to a month or two to see optimal results.

FAQ #14: Why should I pay for an SEO service? An SEO service provider will put your business name in places you might never think of, or have access too. As professionals, we are capable of reaching beyond the realm of the standard user and achieving better results, quicker.

FAQ #15: How long should I pay for and SEO or map optimization service? The life of the business. The longer local SEO and maps are utilized, the more customers the company will gain. The larger search engines like Google will notice the activity, or lack thereof. We can provide all the tools needed to increase your business using local SEO and maps.

FAQ #16: Do we take multiple accounts from the same area that provide the same service? No. We take 2 maximum, as we do not wish to dilute our client’s results. We want our customers to stay on top of the SEO world. We only pursue other’s in that area of expertise if a contract is no longer active.

FAQ #17: Is this a Google friendly service? Yes, we optimize Google’s tools, creating more active and effective SEO results. Our methods are more beneficial to our clients then using strictly organic SEO tools.


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