Google My Business Optimization Services

Google My Business

You may have heard the term “Google My Business” before. Google uses the term to indicate any number of small things that make a business more convenient to use on Google Maps. The use of “My Business” on Google Maps is a marketing strategy for your business that is used by many small businesses. Although much of this information can be learned from your own site, Google Business generally indexes the additional content you offer for consistency across Google Search and Maps. For example, if you write a blog, you can add an icon that points to your blog in your Google My Business listing. Similarly, you can list other places you frequent, such as restaurants and hotels on Google Maps.


Google has an amazing tool called Local Guides. This provides you with highly effective ways to optimize your listing on Google Maps. For example, if you are interested in promoting your hotel in a specific city, you can set up events on Google. Google will show your Hotel on the map at the time and date you set up the event. You can then invite guests to attend these events using a small event search box, or even email the guests directly with the link to your event.


Google has taken advantage of the explosion of social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to further increase business opportunities for small business owners. In addition to adding your business information to these sites, you can post links and videos on Google. For example, if you run a YouTube video business, you can take a link from your video on your MySpace page and post it on YouTube. This is another great way to use your social media contacts and tools such as Google My Business to grow your business.