How Much Value Does Yelp Maps Have?

The Sometimes Untapped Value of Yelp Maps

Yelp map optimization has been rapidly climbing up the search engine ladder and now, they might have just reached the top. Microsoft’s Bing local search engine results are now being powered by Yelp. Those who search on Bing will now find Yelp reviews displayed during their search, in reference to their query. Yelp has also combined with Apple maps, aiding in increasing Siri content.

Here are a few things Yelp offered in 2014:

  • An average of well over 71 million unique visitors per month
  • Yelp mobile app received visitors totaling over 6.3 million
  • Every second of every day someone uses Yelp to contact or look up a local business
  • Yelp’s mobile app uploads photos every 30 seconds, sometimes less
  • Local reviews on Yelp exceeded 30 million
  • The mobile app for Yelp is recognized for over 40% of the reviews and searches

Yelping Bing and Apple

Bing and Apple’s general content including pictures, business data, reviews and other info will float to the surface thanks to Yelp SEO. The relevant Bing local pages will present data for nearby companies, whose sales or service is relative to the search query. This practice will increase map optimization for entrepreneurs. This new optimal search tool is one of the reasons the traditional paper directories have became obsolete to most of the world with an internet connection.

Yelp uses keyword search, much like their nemesis, Google. Also like Google, they also utilize other services. Yelp review and Yelp maps are dominant tools used in order to increase and optimize search. One of the refreshing aspects of Yelp’s reviews is the honesty. Customers flock to Yelp to voice their pleasure, or their displeasure with a company. Either review still brings traffic to the business site.

Marketing with Yelp

Looking at Yelp now, it is somewhat surprising that it was once viewed as a simple fad. Yelp maps and Yelp reviews have both became wonderful marketing tools. One must be adept at utilizing media tools in order to see true map optimization. Here are a few simple ways to reap the benefits of this rising new search wonder:

  • Business owners are offered a free account on Yelp. Take advantage of that feature and fill out the details.
  • Respond to customer reviews, good and bad. Be professional and polite when responding to negative comments. Your words are visible to both clients and prospective future customers.
  • Encourage more reviews to increase positive reviews. This will help to push those negative reviews back down.
  • If you are not advertising on Yelp, consider doing so. Much like Google, advertising does help to remove competitive ads from our business’s page. Though some may feel this is an unfair practice, but it is common among in the search engine world.

Many successful business owners have either learned how, or hired professional help for search engine optimization. Search engines are not like some types of tools that aren’t compatible. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Success can come quickly when one learns how to achieve optimal results using Yelp maps, Apple maps, Google maps and Bing maps in correlation to one another. It is a great way to achieve complete map optimization.