What Ranks Faster? Google Maps or SEO?

Google Maps Unite with Local SEO for Higher Search Rankings

There comes a time in the life of every business where they have to ask, which is more beneficial Google maps or SEO? There have been many different theories in regards to both, but outcomes have remained relatively the same. One can easily benefit from the other to achieve higher search engine rankings.

The secret is to use local SEO to increase Google map optimization. Here are a three ways good data management can use tactics to achieve just that:

  1. Seek and They Shall Find

Do a local search as often as possible and encourage others to do the same. Click on the business, especially the Google map link. Do not just search for “Pepe’s Tahitian Grill”. Mix it up by seeking out the business with key words like, Tahitian restaurants, Tahitian cuisine, or Pepe’s restaurant. This allows the business name to be recognized by different searches.

  1. Visit “More About This Place”

This part of our business listing will offer little bits of information about our company, such as the URL and relevant data that gets Google’s attention. The more clicks, the more recognition by the search engine.

  1. Update Company Data

Go to sites like YellowPages, WhitePages, and local business listings. If you haven’t done so, add the business information. Include name, address, phone number, Google map and website link. Tag the business name under at least 3 different tags. Using Pepe’s again as an example, list under restaurants, Cafés, or foreign food. Using different headings will help with map optimization.

After All is Said and Listed

We still might wonder what is getting our local business hits, Google Maps or SEO? Reality is, local SEO will always improve Google map optimization. Local actually provides a great deal of benefit because it feeds the three most popular maps on the web today, Google, Bing and Apple. It probably doesn’t hurt that they are also three of the biggest companies in the world.

The best way we can get our business on top of the local business world is to utilize all the local SEO tools we can. Use citations by encouraging customer reviews and stress the use of Google maps. The more often people frequent our site via one of our citations, the more we will triumph with increased search engine ratings.