Local SEO Services

Businesses that want to succeed, need local SEO Services and should hop on the Google maps ranking bandwagon and get ready to play. The big G prioritized their local search engine optimization for Business Mapping, aka, if you want to succeed you have to know how to map or choose our service. It is of the utmost importance that any good entrepreneur takes advantage of the connectivity available via Google maps and search engine optimization. (skip reading and get a Quote)

The gist is, the quicker you take advantage of Google Maps and optimization, the faster you will jenison to the top in rankings. Map results can be seen directly beneath the Adwords data, in most cases.

Today’s smart business person takes charge of their own search engine destiny by taking advantage of mapping. There is a key to success… and this is it. Prioritize on that business plan and put web services that include mapping at the top of your to do list. We promise that you won’t be disappointed.

We do our best to accommodate both small and large businesses by offering the following services:

  • A onetime set up fee for a map listing
  • A monthly plan, paying on a month to month basis
  • A 6 month prepayment with a 10% savings
  • A 12 month prepayment with a 20% savings

Local SEO Service Breakdown:

The initial three months of service are crucial. This is when we create your Map Account, and insure that everything is running at top efficiency for your business.

During 12 months of service, we assure our customers that we will provide them with the following:

  • A top notch keyword research of important terms in which your targeted audience will be reached. We will create this and provide it to you for finalization before moving forward.
  • We will take care of all that Google red tape so you don’t have too. We will provide Google with 100% of the necessary details on the Map itself.
  • We will input all the photos needed for Google Plus sharing to help insure the targeted audience can be reached. In order to do this, we’ll need your cooperation. We will provide a list of categories and you provide the photos. This helps the targeted audience see you as a real entity, and adds a more personal approach they can be comfortable with.
  • We will create you a custom “About Us” page to give your Google Map page a personal look and feel. Included will be positive keywords customized to fit your specific business products and services. These words will help to attract your targeted customer base, but will be pre-approved by you before put into action.
  • We set up a run of 12 months where your business name will be branded. We do this by getting your name, address and phone numbers listed on 1000s of different directory sites. You will end up seeing your name in lights on not only Google Maps, but also Bing Maps, Apple Maps and many, many more. This puts your name out there for everyone to see via mapping on mobile devices. After 12 months we will repeat this process in order to keep your results where they need to be… At the TOP!
  • We take care of sending monthly ranking reports via Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With this, we also show you the actual SEO results currently working in your favor in your area. With our services, you have the power to see exactly where your business is ranked both locally and nationwide.
  • Just to make sure we are doing all we can for you, we audit the map results. This way we can see what is working, and what could use an extra boost. If we see any questionable results, we can make the necessary edits and alterations to get those numbers back where we want them.

*Content is incredibly important. An active site is a well traveled site, as people like to see action from their service and product providers. Seeing a site that hasn’t had any orders or updates in months is a real turn off, so we offer an additional service to help moderate this, however the process to create this requires research of your site and map profiles and we can make a custom plan that is not super high in cost, but very valuable in results.

The bottom line is those that want to succeed need to take advantage of every aspect of Mapping available. The more you allow us to put into your business, the more you will find yourself getting out of it. Google is the search engine King, and they have a specific way of looking at local businesses. They seek out Map connectors between your site and mapping services. Taking advantage of mapping services will find your business looking at positive SEO results in the long run.

Additional services are available after 6 to 8 months to boost SEO results even higher. Yes, you will want us to provide SEO for organic results and by us providing this after creating Map results has a much faster appearance in the search engines!

Evaluate where your business is now and where you want it to be. Afterwards, contact us and let us help you get there and beyond or click here to get started