Servicing Franchises

The way a franchise manages SEO and PPC is incredibly different from the way a small business handles it.  We know this to be true because we have been doing it for a while now.  If you are a franchise owner then it is important to understand that having multiple locations gives you an edge in your ranking factors and has other ranking factors that a single local business just can’t get.

We help our clients get exactly what they need, and more with Google Mapping and SEO. Our clients know what they want and we help them get it. Franchises will successfully control targeted content management, marketing and web presence.  It will show up on Google, Bing and Yahoo local, further increasing potential business.

Even better, we give our franchise client full transparency, keeping them informed of the progress, and answering any questions they may have.  Our clients know exactly what is going on with their business listing.  We know tricks of the trade that will quickly help them rank up on local search. Higher rankings will mean more visibility during consumer searches. This will increase business and help our clients achieve the success with their franchise that they desire and deserve.

We guarantee that our franchise clients will see an increase in local online awareness and eventual business thanks to the rising rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing mapping.  Citation Ranker strives to help our clients get where they want to be successfully, and stay there.

There is also special pricing involved and savings especially when it comes to our initial setup fees, get started now and find out how we can help your franchise business today.