What is a Citation Definition and a Link?

What is the Citation Definition and a Link? SEO Success!

A map is one of the primary tools utilized to achieve a successful business, and there are key things that make it so. Three of the most recognized elements that encourage mapping notoriety are the citation, SEO services and the link. This trio can be extremely beneficial when used in the right circumstance, and together, they are unstoppable.


How, you ask? Each serves the higher purpose of bringing traffic to the map or site:

Citation Sightings

Citations help to make us money. What is a citation definition, you ask? Some refer to them as a NAP, aka name, address and phone number. In the digital business world that is a reference to our business, map, or website information. These helpful little mentions can be in the form of a review, a yellow page listing, internet business listing, or statement on another site. Even the local Chamber of Commerce can provide citations leading potential consumers back home to us. The more mentions, the more potential traffic, so in this case, NAPs at work are good.

Some citations may have a direct link to our businesses or a map, while others might just make mention, drawing attention to our company. These helpful little marketing tools are:

  1. Portals on search engines, such as Bing or Google
  2. Algorithm ranking aids
  3. Higher business renowned or rank
  4. Business validation in communities

Links can Make Legends

Citations “link” back to a map or website. The person searching clicks on the name, or key word in the citations. This then leads back to the programmed locations. One click is all it takes. The beauty in a link is that it can be discreet. It can appear anywhere in a paragraph, even hidden in words describing a service, such as, “repair”, or “data”.

Links are often found in:

  • Ads
  • Reviews
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Maps

Citations and SEO Services

SEO by definition is search engine optimization. How does one achieve SEO success? Citations, links and knowledge of digital socialization improves organic search results on Bing and Google listings. The more visits, the higher the page ranks, increasing potential revenue. Professional website developers can help companies increase their current standing and improve future earnings. By definition a citation is part of the SEO process and will improve map and organic results.

Succeed with SEO Services and Increased Citations

Citation challenges stem from the ton of service providers that give low level citation creation. They utilize common sources, easily accessed by anyone. Thus, you pay for a service that is not actually being provided. The company site doesn’t start seeing increased traffic because none is being generated. That is why it is important to contact a trusted name in the web service industry.

By now you realize citations linking back to a business site provide increased opportunities for potential revenue. Our website service professionals can provide 10,000 or more citations for your existing business. During this time, your business will also be listed on major Map services, such as Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Apple, etc.

We know exactly how to get and increase citations from all the major sources. In fact, we will be utilizing the same as all the major local based business like Costco, Home Depot, Cadillac Dealers and many others! This places you in competition with larger local business via citations and SEO. In some cases, our clients beat the big advertisers, or are side by side.